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Easygenerator provides an option to embed/integrate Easygenerator courses into a 3rd party tool or platform (e.g. an LMS) using LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard.
Here are some basic terms to help you in this guide:

  • LTI Consumer (e.g. an LMS): This is the service which integrates the tool. Typically, this is a Learning Management System (LMS) or user portal. The LTI Consumer provides user information and context to the LTI Tool Provider. Additionally, the LTI Consumer provides authentication vouching for the user to the LTI Tool Provider.

  • LTI Tool Provider (e.g. an Easygenerator course): This is the service providing the service to the LTI Consumer. This can be on-premises software or a service that is hosted outside the LTI Consumer. 

You can use any Easygenerator course as an LTI Provider. When you access this environment through the LTI Consumer tool, you will already be authenticated with the user you are using in the LTI Consumer tool.

To integrate an Easygenerator course into the LTI Consumer, email us at [email protected]  to get your consumer key and shared secret.

Once the key and secret are received, go to LTI Consumer settings, insert your consumer key and shared secret, then launch a course via LTI Consumer using the following URL format:

Replace <your_course_url> in the Launch URL with a link to your course.

Once the LTI integration is set up, course results will be sent to the LTI Consumer.

NOTE: It is completely up to your LTI Consumer (e.g., an LMS) whether to provide learners' names or not. According to GDPR, it's not mandatory to provide other services with the user data. It means that if your LTI Consumer (e.g., an LMS) provides the learner's ID rather than name, this ID will be stated on the Certificate. If the system provides neither a name nor an ID at all, a random name (like Polar Bear) will be automatically created by Easygenerator.
If you need the learners' names to be provided, please use oAuth method.

NOTE: LTI for courses is available only for Team plan users and higher.

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