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Add clickable image
Add clickable image

You can add the link on image

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Use this code as a template and add it to a course page via the HTML content block:

<div align="center">
<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Easygenerator Logo" src=""></a>

The code has the following parts:

  • <a> .... </a> is the link tag

  • href attribute sets the URL to link to

  • target attribute specifies where to open the link; _blank opens the link in a new window or tab

  • <img> is the image tag

  • alt is the image alt text

  • src attribute sets the image URL

  • <div align="center"> .... <div> centers the image horizontally

Learn more about HTML image syntax here.

How to get the image URL

Open the image in the Library, right click it and select "Copy image address".

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