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Question Analytics
Question Analytics

Measure the performance of your learners and get a full picture of the impact of your training with Question Analytics in Easygenerator.

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Along with the Data Insights, authors can see the question analytics which includes the number of respondents and the percentage of learners who answered correctly per question.

You can find Question Analytics under the Results tab > Insights.

Authors will get an indication if a question is too easy or too difficult for the participants. Moreover, Easygenerator will offer didactic tips on how to improve those questions. The author can increase the overall quality and effectiveness of their elearning by adjusting the questions according to the provided tips.


  • Question analytics is a powerful tool to evaluate elearning, prototype ideas and create questions.

  • Question analytics will update automatically with live learner data so that you can have your finger on the pulse.

  • Didactic tips can help you refine your assessments and increase the learning impact.


  • A question is considered too difficult if less than 25% of learners have answered it correctly on the first try.

  • A question is indicated as too easy if more than 90% of learners have given a correct answer on the first try.

The percentage of learners per question = (Number of students who answered the question correctly on the first attempt, within the latest 50 results / the latest 50 results) × 100%

Note: The data in the “correctly answered” column starts being calculated only after the first 25 respondents. The “correctly answered” data is not calculated for the Open question type or questions in the survey mode.

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