PowerPoint is a popular tool for creating presentations. While it's great for its intended purpose, it's not designed to build interactive online courses or track results. Easygenerator enables you to develop a high-quality training by converting a PowerPoint presentation into an eLearning course. Importing the content you already have in a PowerPoint format to Easygenerator is a big advantage as you don’t need to re-create the whole training from scratch.


  • Supported PowerPoint format: pptx

  • Maximum file size: 100 Mb

  • Maximum number of slides: 100 slides

  • Supported image formats: jpeg, jpg, png, gif

  • Maximum individual image size: 10Mb

  • Supported video formats: mp4, mov, mpg, mpeg, avi, m4v

  • Supported audio formats: mp3, au, wav, m4a

Steps to convert a PowerPoint into an Easygenerator course

  1. Log in to your Easygenerator authoring environment. Click on the “+New course” button and choose the “PowerPoint import” option.

  2. Click the “Proceed”, then "Upload presentation" and select the PowerPoint file you want to import.

  3. After the PowerPoint slides are imported into Easygenerator, a new course is created. It is editable and allows for post import tweaks.

Course structure

The course created from an imported PowerPoint contains one section, and all pages are placed within this section. You can easily edit the course structure and create more sections manually and move the pages into different sections.

Course and slide titles support

  • The PowerPoint file name is used as the course title.

  • Slide titles are used as course page titles when they are defined as ‘titles’ in the PowerPoint file.

  • Placeholder page titles will be used if no ‘titles’ are found in the PowerPoint file.

Paragraph support

  • Text paragraphs are imported as editable content blocks.

  • Text will retain styling such as bold, italic and underline.

  • Multiple paragraphs are imported as separate content blocks for enhanced editability.

List support

  • Unordered and Ordered lists are supported.

  • Multiple levels of indentation are supported.

  • Numbering order is retained for each level for the ordered lists.

Table support

  • Table content is imported as an editable content block.

  • Merged cells within the table are supported.

  • Bold, italic and underline text styles within the table are supported.

  • URL links within the table are supported.

Image support

  • jpeg, jpg, png and gif images are imported as editable Image blocks.

  • Images are imported into the author’s library and can be reused in other courses.

  • PowerPoint shapes, svg and clipart are not supported. You can take a screenshot and replace the shape/svg/clipart in the PowerPoint with the screenshot, or add the screenshot to a course page manually using an image block.

  • Maximum individual image size: 10Mb.

Video support

  • mp4, mov, mpg, mpeg, avi, m4v video files are imported as editable Video blocks.

  • Video files are imported into the author’s library and can be reused in other courses.

Audio support

  • mp3, au, wav, m4a audio files are imported as editable Audio blocks.

  • Audio files are imported into the author’s library and can be reused in other courses.

Note: in case that the file format is not supported, or the author doesn't have enough media storage, the PowerPoint presentation will be imported without the video/audio files.

Key Takeaways

Easygenerator’s PowerPoint import feature allows you to quickly convert your PowerPoint presentation into a fully functional eLearning course. This option gives great results, as it creates an editable course, saving you plenty of time and effort.

For maximum efficiency, you can take the opportunity to enrich your course with interactive elements and assessments.

The course created from a PowerPoint presentation works smoothly in different browsers and on all types of desktop and mobile devices. It can be uploaded to an LMS, shared on social media, or published directly in Easygenerator or to your website.

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