Easygenerator has all you need to access learners any way you want. Use various interactive question types to quickly create insightful assessments. 

Single choice question offers several choices with only one correct answer.

Multiple choice question offers several choices with more than just one correct options.

Single choice image question offers a set of possible answers in the form of images with only one correct answer.

Fill in the blanks question asks learners to type in a missing word or select the correct option from a drop-down list.

Drag and drop text question contains a set of words or short phrases (text items) that the learner must drag into response targets on an image.

Text matching question consists of two adjacent lists of related text items. Learners have to match the corresponding pairs.

Statement (True/false) question allows assessing whether your learners understand the validity of multiple statements.

Hotspot question is a highly visual form of assessment asking learners to identify one or more spots on an image.

Open question encourages a full, meaningful answer using the learner’s own knowledge, attitudes and feelings.

Ranking text question evaluates learners' ability to arrange items into the correct order.

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