My Library is media storage where you can upload and find the images, audio and video files, documents you have used in the courses. Also, there are four corresponding libraries according to the file type of the content.

In the Library, you can upload and preview the files, rename and delete them.

To add an image file to the library, you can:

  • Click the "Upload Image" button [1a] - To directly add an image from your computer

  • Click the "Add from stock library" button [1b]- To directly access our creative commons image library. In this stock library, you can either search for a specific image in the search bar or navigate using the 8 categories

  • Directly drag and drop an image from your computer in the library

To delete an item, hover over an item, click the trash bin icon [2], and confirm your action by clicking the "Delete" button. To cancel this action, click "Cancel".

NOTE: If you delete a file from your Library, it will NOT be available in courses where it was used anymore.

To rename the item, hover over an item, click the pencil icon [3], add the required title and click "Save". To cancel this action, click "Cancel".

To see a preview, hover over an item and click the eye icon [4]. In the preview mode, you can rename or delete the item too:

Here are the media storage options for different plans:

Free - Not available
Pro - 10 GB
Team, Enterprise - 100 GB

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