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Generate a QR code for your courses
Generate a QR code for your courses

Facilitate access to your course by generating a QR code for it.

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You can share a course hosted on Easygenerator via a Private link or a QR code. Generating and sharing a QR code provides an accessible option for learners without computers to access your course. You can print and display the QR code anywhere, allowing users to easily scan and access the content.

How to generate the QR code for your course?

To be able to generate a QR code, you first need to generate the Private link of your course, as our QR code acts as a natural redirection to the Private link. Instead of having to copy a link manually, learners can simply scan the code with their phones and start passing the training.

To generate your course QR code, go to the Publish step -> Share Private link -> and click on the Get private link button

After generating the Private link, you can get the QR code by clicking on its icon located at the right corner of the Private link text box. For this option, you can download the code in PNG format for sharing, or copy it to your clipboard and paste it where you will assign the e-learning with your learners, i.e. via email, text messages, websites, etc.

You can also get the QR code from the Share tab -> Link:

Note: We do not recommend making changes to the course after it has been published as learners may lose their progress, but if you happen to edit it, please make sure to click on the "Update course" button for the changes to be applied. The QR code will remain the same.

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