Easygenerator provides a possibility to collaborate on a course with any existing Easygenerator user or external person invited by e-mail.

You can add co-authors from any step of the course editor. Any existing Easygenerator user or external person can be invited by e-mail.

An invited user will have to accept the invitation to collaborate on a course in the course editor.

If you add the existing Easygenerator user, then this user will see the course that you want to collaborate on in their list of courses under Shared courses.

If you add a person without an Easygenerator subscription, they will receive the e-mail informing that you want to work together on the eLearning course. The e-mail will also contain the instructions on how to register in Easygenerator. A person to whom you send an invitation should use the same e-mail address to which the invitation is sent to register in Easygenerator. After registration the course will be available for collaboration.

A co-author can manage the course just in the same way as an author: create learning objectives and questions, manage the course content and settings. The co-authors are not allowed to remove the course. Any changes in the course are automatically visible to all co-authors.

In the Manage co-authors window you can see all co-authors that you have invited.

The course owner can remove co-authors. If you remove the co-author, they will not see the shared course anymore.

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