Collaboration and sharing feedback have never been easier! Team members can gather consolidated feedback and respond to comments after making changes directly in the course editor.

Co-authors can leave comments on every course item, like an introduction, afterword, question etc. 

How to mention other co-authors in comments

In Easygenerator, you can use @mentions to tag other co-authors when you post a comment or a reply, directing your comments to specific people.

To mention someone, type @ followed by the person’s name or email address. A list of co-authors will appear as you type. Select the person you want to mention from the list.

A person mentioned in the comment receives an in-app notification and an email.

How to view comments

For your convenience, all comments and responses are available in one place - in the Comments pop-over. You can easily filter them by showing them all or only from co-authors / external reviewers.

When you view a comment, you can see a clickable title of a particular page they commented on, so you know where exactly to make changes. When ready, you can reply to or resolve the comment. 

The course owner and co-authors always stay updated and are notified about new comments and replies by email and in-app. 

Note: This feature is available in Team and Enterprise plans.

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