Collaborate on a course with any existing Easygenerator user or any external person invited by e-mail.

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Easygenerator provides a possibility to collaborate on a course with any existing Easygenerator user or external person invited by e-mail.

You can add co-authors from any step of the course editor. Any existing Easygenerator user or external person can be invited by e-mail. The easiest way to invite multiple co-authors is to create a CSV file with their emails and import the whole batch by clicking Import from CSV. You can also add an invitation message to your co-author with specific instructions about the course.

Add co-authors from the organization’s list of users

While the owner and admins automatically have access to all courses within the organization, other members can easily be added as co-authors from the organization’s list of users.

  1. Open the course on which you want to collaborate.

  2. Click Co-authors in the upper right corner of the editor. When you click on the “+ Invite co-authors by name or email” field, the list with all the organization’s members appears in the dropdown, sorted alphabetically by the first name. A user can scroll down the list or start typing a name to quickly find it.

  3. Click on the “Add invitation Message” to add a message if required.

  4. Once you added the co-author and the message, click on the “Add co-authors” button to send the invitations.

If you add an existing Easygenerator user, they will get an in-app notification and an email to confirm their co-authoring.

If you add a person without the Easygenerator account, they will be invited by e-mail along with an invitation message (if any). This person should use the same e-mail address to which the invitation is sent to register at Easygenerator.

Edit courses, add comments and mentions

When a co-author accepts the invite, they'll see a shared course under the Shared courses tab.

A co-author can edit the course content and settings just the same way as the author (except for adjusting the design theme - only the course owner has permission to do this). Any changes in the course are automatically visible to all co-authors. 

NOTE: Co-authors are not allowed to delete the course, they can only stop co-authoring.

Co-authors can leave comments on every course item directly in the course editor and mention other co-authors simply typing @ followed by the person’s name or email address.

Manage co-authors

In the Manage co-authors popup, you can see all invited co-authors and their status (e.g.: pending registration/waiting for acceptance).


  • pending registration - an invited person doesn't have an Easygenerator account yet

  • pending acceptance - the invite has been sent and needs to be accepted

The course owner can remove co-authors. If you remove a co-author, they will not see the shared course anymore.

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