Over the past year, we have gathered a lot of insights from our users about the Easygenerator course templates and decided that we needed to offer a completely redesigned and brand new All-in-one template.

So our product team of learning experts and experience designers has been collaborating with Holland’s leading design agency to carefully craft the new design.

These days we are excited to introduce it - the brand new All-in-one template - a completely new standard course template to help you offer your learners the best learning experience. 

Our vision

The All-in-one template will eventually combine the most powerful capabilities of all four default templates (Simple course, Assessment, Personalized learning and Reader) to make the process of course creation even more flexible and user-friendly.

The current status

The All-in-one template is currently in closed beta (available for those customers who joined our beta program).

The primary purpose of the beta program is to allow our designers and engineers to roll out technical improvements based on the end-users' feedback. When the template is officially released, we will let you know via our in-built chat.

Presently, we are adding features of the Simple course template to the All-in-one template. Features of the Assessment, Personalized learning and Reader templates will follow.

How can you try the All-in-one template?

When you create a new course, you're asked to choose a template. This template can be changed any time by clicking the icon on the left side of the course title:

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