Interactive layout allows you to add hotspots on an image

What's the difference between an image with hotspots and a regular image, you may ask?
A regular image is still flat. To really bring an image to life, you need to make it clickable. The best way of doing this is adding hotspots on it.

A cool thing about this feature is that it helps to explain a complex idea with just a single image. Such visual way of explaining is much more effective than a typical description.

To create hotspots on an image, do the following:

  • Add a new content item and choose Interactive layout > Hotspot on Image.
  • Upload a background image. The recommended width is 700px for All-in-one template and 900px for Simple course template, though the image should be scaled automatically to fit the block. Max size is 10 MB.
  • Click on the image and drag the selection to create a hotspot. 
  • Insert some text that will be displayed to your learners when they hover over the hotspot.

Click on the preview button to see how it'll look like for learners.

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