To add a video, create a content page, select Media content block, and choose one of the available layouts (e.g., Single video). You can upload videos from your PC, add from Library, embed from Youtube or Vimeo, or record a video directly in Easygenerator.

Supported video formats:


Maximum file size: 2 GB

Recommended aspect ratio: 16:9

Check out Video Upload Guidelines for more details.

Video Layout options

You can change the video block layout at any step of creating the content.

To change the layout, click the video, and select the layout options icon:

Trim the video

You can trim videos that are hosted on the Easygenerator platform (the videos that are added to your video library - the ones you uploaded directly to your library, to a course, or which you recorded in Easygenerator directly).

To trim the video, click the video block, and select the trim option. Set the start and end time of the part of the video you would like to keep so the beginning and/or ending will be cut off. You can trim up to the milliseconds level and the time format followed while trimming is MM:SS.MS (i.e: minutes, seconds, and milliseconds)

NOTE: The trimmed video will overwrite the original video and will be saved in the video library.

Recommended browsers: Chrome or Edge, the latest version.

In the editing window, you can also change the title of the video.

Media storage for video:

Free - Not available
Pro - 10 GB
Team, Enterprise - Unlimited 

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