Easygenerator helps you bring a common static image to life by making it clickable.
Hotspots explain complex ideas combined on a single image in a much more effective way than a typical text block.

Use cases

You can use hotspots on an image in order to:

  • add tool tips, hints, or additional explanations

  • identify/label different components on product images

  • contextualize data in graphs or charts

  • create software simulations

  • enhance screenshots of the interface

  • build simple click-and-reveal interactions by adding hotspots on an image with icons

  • replace a bulleted list

  • create interactive maps or virtual tours

How to create hotspots on an image

  • Add a new content item and choose Interactive layout > Hotspot on Image.

  • Upload a background image (the recommended width is 880 px; max size is 10 MB).

  • Click on the image and drag the selection to create a hotspot. Add some text that will be displayed to your learners when they hover over the hotspot.

  • Click on the hotspot and drag the corner of the selected area to resize it. Select the hotspot and press Delete key to remove it.

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