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Start Collaborating with Easygenerator
Start Collaborating with Easygenerator

Organizations, co-authoring and external review features at a glance.

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Easygenerator Team and Enterprise customers can enjoy exclusive features that make it super easy to collaborate. Let’s take a look at how you can start working together!


With the Organizations feature, you can create groups, manage roles, take turns fine-tuning the courses created by other members, easily share and transfer courses from one member to another within your organization.


Co-authoring feature allows you to collaborate on a course with any existing Easygenerator user or any external person. Just invite your team members as co-authors, and they can work on a course simultaneously.

Co-authors can leave in-app comments

Team members can gather consolidated feedback and respond to comments after making changes directly in the course editor. 

External Review

To enhance the workflow of the collaborative learning content creation, Easygenerator introduces the updated review system. External Review allows sending a request to review your course to any person, even if they don’t have Easygenerator account. You can see the reviewer's info, filter and mark the comments as resolved / unresolved, and delete the resolved ones.

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