This report can help you closely observe how an individual learner is progressing through the attempted courses. You can see the learner's completion status and mastery score. This data will help you analyze each learner’s progress and understand if they need extra support or intervention. 

How to export the results of all your learners

Open the Learners tab at the top of the screen. Click Export as CSV, choose the range of dates to download results from, and click Download to export the results of all your learners to a single file.

You’ll get an in-app notification with the link to the CSV file once the download is ready. The download time depends on the amount of data (at peak times, this can take up to several days if you have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of learners). 

The learners’ data is exported in the csv format with the following columns and values:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Last active: Date 

  • Total number of courses

  • Number of passed courses

  • Course ID : Course status and score (Passed, % / Failed, % / In Progress, % / N/A)

NOTE: Results per learner is a Team and Enterprise plan feature. 

Learn how to download the results per course here

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