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Learner Management

Create a dynamic hub with our Learner Management feature, fostering personalized growth and contributing to your organizational success.

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Learner Management is central to the success of an LMS as it enables organizations to optimize learning experiences, tailor content to individual needs, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. With our LMS Lite Learner Management feature, you can effortlessly monitor learners' progress, manage their access within your organization by inviting or removing them, and download their reports in CSV format. This powerful combination ensures a seamless and personalized learning environment for both authors and learners.

Note: Only the organization admin(s)/owner will have access to our new LMS lite features. The organization's members can download the learners' results from their courses by following the step-by-step guide described in this article.

How to invite and add learners to your organization?

To add learners to your organization, go to the Learners tab -> Learner Management -> And click on the +Add learners button. You can add users by adding their emails or by importing a CSV file.

Learners who haven't signed up for Easygenerator will appear under the Pending tab until they register and will receive an invitation email to create their account by using the same email address that was added to the organization by their Admins.

Under the Pending tab, you can check the learner's email, their status, the date when they were added to the organization, and send a reminder to register at Easygenerator (one reinvite every 24 hours). In the Active tab, you can check their name and email, the number of enrolled and completed courses, their location (if they set it up on their learner's account), and their last login.

Note: Learners will also be automatically added to the Learner Management list when sending them courses with the Save progress cross-device option enabled. If this option is disabled, they will not be on the list as no profile/account is created.

How can I remove learners from my organization?

You can remove learners from the Active or Pending tab by ticking their respective checkboxes located on the left side of their name (if you want to select all the users click on the first checkbox on the table header) -> Click on the Remove Learners button -> Confirm the deletion of their data by ticking the checkbox and clicking on the Remove Learners option.

You can also remove individual users by clicking on the three dots menu -> Remove learner.

Note: The removed learner will not have access to any enrolled courses within the organization and all their data will be deleted. (i.e. Gradebook of the enrolled courses, whitelist, results file, course feedback given by the learner, and the learner insights & satisfaction survey will be deleted).

How to export your learners' results?

You can download the results of all your learners as a CSV file by going to the Active tab -> Clicking on Download results -> Choosing the range of the result dates you would like to get and clicking on Download.

You will also receive an email where you can download the results by clicking on the Download report button.

Note: the report will contain only data from courses that you own.

If you need to have the report for overall courses in the organization, you need to have the organization admin rights, and you will be able to download the full report.

The learners' data is exported as a CSV format with the following columns and values:

  • Name.

  • Email.

  • Last active: Date.

  • Total number of courses.

  • Number of passed courses.

  • Course ID: Course status and score (Passed, % / Failed, % / In Progress, % / N/A).


  • Our LMS features are available for the Trial and all paid plans.

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