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Automated in-tool translation
Automated in-tool translation

If you need to translate the course, and you don’t have a translation agency, you can use our automated in-tool translation feature.

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With Easygenerator, you now have a faster and more cost-effective way to translate your e-learning courses. With our new Amazon AWS integration, all it takes is a few clicks to automatically translate your courses into more than 75 languages including German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and more.

This feature is available as an add-on for all existing Easygenerator customers and can be added to any Team or Enterprise plan for new customers.

To enable the feature, click the Configure tab > Language > Course translation > Automated translation (Amazon AWS) > Translate course > Request a Demo:

If this feature is enabled for your account, you can translate the course via the following steps:

  1. Click Configure > Language > Course translation > Automated translation (Amazon AWS) > Translate course.

  2. Select languages. You can select more than one language.

  3. For each language, you can add a dedicated co-author who will proofread the translation. You can also add co-authors in the translated courses directly when you open them.

NOTE: The translated copies of the course will appear automatically:

3. Click Translate

4. You can open the translated courses list or go back to the original one

5. Now, you can find the translated courses under your My courses tab

Each translated course will automatically have the same course interface label language as the translated course.

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