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Course and resource access management
Course and resource access management
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Share your courses and resources with your groups and allow Group Admins to get access to your created content

Note: Groups are available only for Enterprise customers.

As a course owner being part of multiple groups, you might not want all of your courses to be shared with all Group Admins by default. With our Confidentiality option, you can decide to share your courses with the Group Admin of one group, multiple groups, or with no Group Admin at all. Please note that all your courses are always available for the Main Admin of your organization (you can know more about different roles in Easygenerator here).

You can set the confidentiality of the courses and resources you are working on, by sharing them with groups you are part of. While the Organization owner and admins have access to all materials within the organization, Group admins have the possibility to access the courses and resources that are shared with them through the confidentiality settings.

Confidentiality settings

The Organization Owner and Admins have the opportunity to set the option of having all groups selected or all groups unselected for the confidentiality features (Groups access setting) by default.

Note: All the organizations have the All groups selected option set by default unless the Organization Owner or Admin decides to unselect it by contacting [email protected].

This security improvement concerns the courses where the author has not assigned the groups yet. If the author has already assigned some groups manually, such courses will remain unchanged after the improvement is deployed, and the course owner will need to add other groups manually.

  • If the “All groups selected” option is enabled, all the groups the author belongs to will be pre-selected by default when they create a course from scratch. If the authors don’t want to share the courses with the Group Admin, they will have to manually unselect them, and if a resource is created or a course/resource is duplicated, all the groups the author belongs to will be assigned automatically.

  • If the “No group selected” option is enabled, all the groups the author belongs to will be unselected by default, and it is up to the author to manually select with which group to share the courses/resources.

Manage courses

You can assign the course to a group or multiple groups when:

  1. Creating the course from scratch.

  2. From the course list.

  3. From the course editor.

When creating an empty course from scratch, there is a Groups access setting (which is collapsed by default). By clicking on it, you will see the list of available groups you belong to with group descriptions and Group Admin(s) if any. You can select one group, multiple groups or just leave the course unassigned (in this case, the course will be visible to the Organization Owner and Admins only).

If you leave your course unassigned, there would be a “Without group” label on it, and this can be changed anytime.

Note: if you create a course and leave it without a group, you will see the notification with the “Got it” button. It appears only once, so closing the notification will dismiss it for all future unassigned courses.

From the course/resource list (My courses/resources tab), you can assign your courses and resources to any of the available groups. For that:

  1. Go to the My courses/My resources tab.

  2. Click on the “Manage access settings” button on the course title.

Tick the group(s) you want to share the course/resource with and finally, click on Apply settings.

On the course/resource list, you can:

  • See the list of groups to which the course/resource belongs to.

  • Check the Group Admin(s) of the assigned materials.

  • Manage course/resource access settings (assign or unassign materials).

  • Filter courses by group.

You can also decide if you want to grant access to the Group Admins of a specific group when working on the course/resource from the course/resource editor. To do so, click on the “Manage access settings” button under the course/resource title, select the group(s) you want to share them with, and apply the changes.

See the courses/resources created by the Group Members

The Group Admin can access the courses and resources that are shared with them through the confidentiality settings under the My Group Courses/My Group Resources tab.

Note: in case the Group Admin has the Owner or Admin role in the organization as well, the My Group Courses/My Group Resources tab won’t be shown because all courses are already available for the Organization Admins under the Organization Courses/Organization Resources tab.

Next to each course/resource, the author’s name, the list of groups to which the material is assigned, tags (if any), and the most recent modification date are displayed.

If the material is assigned to multiple groups, the indication “Multiple groups” is used. You can hover over the label to see the group list.

The Organization Owner, Admin(s), and Group Admin(s) can filter and search courses/resources by the group. They can filter to see the list of materials with groups, without groups, or created within a particular group.

Note: The group indications (showing if courses/resources are linked to some specific groups) are shown only under the My Courses/My Resources, My Group Courses/My Group Resources, or Organization Courses/Organization Resources and are visible exclusively to the Group Admins and the Organization Owner and Admins. To ensure privacy and security, we do not display this info to co-authors who might come from other organizations.

The Group Admin can’t reassign the course/resource of another Group Member from one group to another. This can be done only by the course owner.

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