With Easygenerator you can report learners’ results, directly to Easygenerator, a custom LRS or set up webhooks to get real-time automated messages about learners' progress to other apps or platforms.

NOTE: Results tracking is not available if the Reader course template is used. This template is not designed to check learners’ knowledge.

To adjust results tracking settings go to Configure > Results Tracking.

  1. On the Configure step, you can enable/disable results tracking.  When results tracking is enabled and a learner starts the course they will be asked to enter their e-mail and name. Please note that It does not have any influence on results tracking if you run your course via LMS.
  2. You can disable the option Allow user to skip tracking and tracing to make results tracking a required step, or enable this option to allow users to skip results tracking. If learners are allowed to skip tracking and tracing, they can click Skip step, start anonymously.
  3. You can allow scoring of content pages if you want your learners to get points for viewing content pages. If it's disabled, only questions have an impact on the course progress.
  4. Mastery score means that to pass a course successfully, learners have to get this score per either entire course or each section. This score can be seen on the progress bar under each section icon. Learn more about mastery score

Advanced settings

Under the Advanced settings choose if you want to report learners’ results directly to either Easygenerator LRS (set by default) or a custom LRS. If you are willing to get immediate notifications on learners' progress, you can take advantage of webhooks. Learn more about webhooks.

Report to Easygenerator

If learners’ results are sent to Easygenerator, you can see them directly in the Easygenerator on the Results step of the course editor. In the Gradebook you can check out the total score of the course per user and results per sections and questions.

NOTE: Team and Pro users can keep track of all learners' records, download progress reports in the CSV format and share results online. Starter users have access to all learners' results (no detailed information on sections and questions) but can't download and share results online.

Learn more about results tracking via LRS.

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