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EasyAI and Chat AI

Brainstorm topic ideas, summarize key information, generate questions, and interact with our Chat AI chatbot.

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EasyAI is our AI assistant that helps you write your course content by brainstorming ideas, generating bullet points, creating short summaries, simplifying the content, and generating questions.

Chat AI provides you with a chat-based and conversational AI experience to help you generate longer forms of responses for any use cases and add them to your e-learning, making your course creation faster and easier as you can incorporate the generated content into new or existing text blocks.

Benefits of using EasyAI and Chat AI:

With our AI features, you can:

  • Truly focus on your area of expertise as it will help you brainstorm ideas to speed up the course creation process for you, which reduces the time and effort required to create engaging content.

  • It assists you in removing unnecessary details and enhancing comprehension of long sections of text with simple and concise language.

  • Create engaging summaries from long texts in seconds to keep your learners’ interest.

  • Build bullet point lists to increase efficiency and improve readability.

  • Generate automatic questions from your course content to encourage deeper learning.

  • Generate text in multiple languages.

  • Save time and effort by automatically generating paragraphs, ideas, explanations, and more, and easily integrate them into your e-learning.

How to access and enable EasyAI in your account?

In order to access EasyAI, you will first need to join the Waitlist and request a Demo here, or you can also request access to it by clicking on the EasyAI button in the content editor -> Get started:

After that, our Customer Success Team will email you when EasyAI is available for your account.

Once you have access to EasyAI, all you need to do is open the content editor and click on the EasyAI button. Then, tick the AI Terms and Conditions checkbox, and click on Proceed to enable it.

NOTE: EasyAI is not available on the Introduction page.

After clicking on Proceed, you can access Chat AI or the Settings where you can switch EasyAI on or off.

Brainstorm with EasyAI

EasyAI will provide you with ideas on your topic while you compose your course and boost your creativity.

To Brainstorm, turn on the feature from the EasyAI button and add a text block. Then, click on the Quick actions button -> Brainstorm, write the topic of your choice to create ideas for, and after that, click on Generate.

EasyAI will provide you with 5 ideas maximum per topic. If you are satisfied with the ideas created, click on Insert, otherwise, click on Edit & regenerate, so you can edit your topic and regenerate more ideas, or click on Cancel if you want to go back to the course editor.

If you click on the Edit & regenerate option, you can view the previously generated result and you will have the ability to re-enter your topic. Once you type the topic, click on Regenerate and if you’re fulfilled, click on Insert.

Note: The brainstorming topic has a limit of 125 characters.

Generate bullet points

EasyAI will generate bullet points from your existing content to highlight and emphasize on the key concepts covered in your course.

To create bullet points, manually select the text content you would like to focus on, then, click on the Quick actions button and choose the Generate bullet points option from the dropdown list. EasyAI will create 5 bullet points maximum. If you are satisfied with the result, click on Insert, if not, click on Edit & regenerate, or click on Cancel if you don’t want to continue.

If you click on the Edit & regenerate option, you can see your selected text, edit it, and view the previously generated result. Once you edit your text, click on Regenerate and Insert when done.

Make it simple

EasyAI helps you simplify your text within your existing content and transform it into more readable and digestible wording to help boost learner engagement and knowledge transfer.

To simplify a text, select it manually first, then click on the Quick actions option -> Make it simple from the dropdown list. If you are happy with the result, click on Replace and the original text will be replaced with the generated output. If you’re not satisfied with the text, click on Try again or Cancel if you decide not to simplify it.

If you click on the Try again option, a new simplified text will be generated until you find the most appropriate one for your content.

Create a summary

To increase your learners' interest and assure great comprehension, create a short summary of your existing content using EasyAI and keep it pertinent.

In order to create a summary, select the text content and click on the Quick actions button. Then, in the dropdown list choose the Create a summary option, and wait until EasyAI generates the result. If you liked the summary, click on Insert, otherwise, click on Edit & regenerate, or click on Cancel if you don’t want to continue.

If you click on the Edit & regenerate option, you can see your selected text, edit it, and view the previously generated result. Once you edit your text, click on Regenerate and Insert when finished.

Generate questions

Minimize the time spent in question composition with EasyAI by generating high-quality questions that assess your learners' knowledge and add them automatically to your course.

To generate questions for your course:

  1. Select the text of the topic you would like to evaluate and click on Quick actions -> Generate questions.

  2. Then, select the question type you would like to use and click on Generate.

  3. Two questions will be generated at a time with their respective correct answer. If you want to generate more, click on the +Generate more button.

    Note: You can create up to 6 questions. Once this limit is reached, and if you would like to generate more, click on Modify & regenerate and change your text selection or question type.

  4. Once you are satisfied with the generated questions, select the ones you would like to use in your course, and click on the Add to course option to add them automatically. You can select multiple questions in one go.

  5. The questions will be added under the relevant page in chronological order with their correct answers marked accordingly, and you can edit them if needed in the question editor by going to the Navigation menu [1] or by clicking on the Open question button (arrow) located on the generated question card’s top right corner on EasyAI after it’s added to the course [2].

Note: In order to generate high-quality questions from a text, It is recommended to have at least 30 words and a maximum of 1000 selected.

How to submit feedback on EasyAI?

After generating results with EasyAI, you can rate your experience by giving a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down at the bottom right corner:

After clicking on this option, you can write your feedback and click on Send once done, or Cancel if you desist from rating your experience.

How to access and use Chat AI?

You can access Chat AI (once EasyAI is enabled in your account) from the EasyAI button or from the EasyAI widget:

Once you click on the Chat AI feature from one of the above options, you can start the conversation with our chatbot by writing your prompt or by inserting one of the suggested options. After writing your query, click on the send button.

Upon Chat AI's reply, you can regenerate the response if you are not satisfied with it, create a new block automatically based on the information provided, copy the text, and then manually paste it into the editor, or submit feedback (thumbs up or thumbs down) about your experience.

Note: After generating 30 responses, the previous replies will be stored under the "View previous results" option.

You can also clear your search history by clicking on the Clear history option located at the lower right corner and selecting Clear.

Note: Please keep in mind that if you confirm the deletion of the chat history, all the responses from Chat AI will be deleted and can not be restored.

To close Chat AI, simply click on the X icon at the top right corner or click on the Close button located at the bottom of the chat box.


  1. EasyAI’s results and progress will be saved once added to the text block. If the session is lost or the page is refreshed before applying the results, the progress will be lost.

  2. EasyAI is not available on the Quotes, Media, Interactive content blocks (the Show more and Checklist blocks are the exceptions), and Introduction section.

  3. EasyAI may be down due to OpenAI’s servers being down. You can reach out to [email protected] or follow its updated status at this link:

  4. Your Privacy and Security are really important to us. You can find our AI Terms and Conditions here. As for the data, our models were trained on a diverse range of internet text, but they do not have the ability to access or retrieve personal data from the training set, thus the user privacy and confidentiality are protected.

  5. We are currently using a combination of GPT 4, GPT 4o, and GPT 3.5 models.

  6. EasyAI and Chat AI can be enabled for all plans except free.

  7. After generating results with EasyAI (Brainstorm, bullet points, make it simple, or create a summary), you have the option to send the generated response to Chat AI and continue expanding the content.

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