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Easygenerator LMS Overview
Easygenerator LMS Overview

Publish and manage your courses, track results, control access and generate certificates directly in Easygenerator.

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Easygenerator is a simple solution to publish courses and track results.

Easygenerator hosting

Publish your e-learning courses on Easygenerator hosting with one click. Easily share a course with your learners. Copy and paste a course link, or embed it on a web page.

Course Dashboard

Course Dashboard makes all learner’s courses accessible in one place.

Built-in Results tracking and Learner Management

Keep track of learners' progress in real-time, download and share reports. See specific details such as given answers for each attempt in the course Gradebook, add and remove learners from your organization, and export all their results.

Reporting to a Learning Record Store (LRS)

Easygenerator uses xAPI standard for tracking and tracing. Send the results to an external Learning Record Store (LRS).


Generate a printable certificate of completion with a learner's name and result.

Access control

Choose who can see your content. Give access to everyone or limit access to specific people by adding their emails to the Whitelist.

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