Creating a course in Easygenerator is a five-step process. Easygenerator course editor will guide you through the entire process. All changes are automatically saved. You can preview your course from any step of the course editor. 

In this video, we will show you how to start building a course using our new super-easy course editor.

No More Starting From Scratch: Easygenerator Ready-to-use Examples and Templates Are Here!

In Easygenerator you can build a course from scratch or choose from the ready-to-use examples or templates, customize the content, look & feel, and create your own branded elearning with ease.

To create a course, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create.
Start with adding a new section and fill in some content.
On the left side menu, there’s a list of all available content and question items, and you can simply drag and drop any of them into a course section.

Step 2: Design.
Under Design tab, you can create themes and adjust branding of your course.

Step 3: Configure.
Under Configure tab, you can set up different course settings, like results tracking, language etc. Depending on the template, the settings may differ.

Step 4: Publish.
Easygenerator provides a few options to publish courses:

  • publishing on Easygenerator server and sharing a private link

  • publishing inside a website

  • publishing to your LMS

  • publishing to your hosting

When the course is published you can update it anytime and download an updated package.

Step 5: Results.
Under Results tab, you can see your learners’ results per section and question if results tracking and reporting to Easygenerator is enabled.

You can also export all learners’ results to check what course/s each learner has completed and see if they need extra support or intervention.

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